Bermuda Forts: 1612-1957

"From the time of settlement in 1612 until the withdrawal of the British garrison in 1957, some ninety forts were built at Bermuda. This book explores the history and impact of such forts, through the turbulent days of early colonisation, to their importance as part of Great Britain’s mighty “Fortress Bermuda.”

"Since the beginning of settlement in 1612, the history of Bermuda and its fortification against attack have gone hand in hand. From the 1780s, the Island was also a vital bastion in the defence of the British Empire. Now Bermuda forts presents an unparalleled investigation of that history and the military structures that evolved with it. Replete with more than 400 colour and black-and-white illustrations, the book is the result of fifteen years of archival and archaeological research - a must for every one interested in the heritage of this remarkable Island, and in the international legacy of British coastal defence work".

  • Book
  • Edward Cecil Harris
  • Bermuda Maritime Museum Press
  • 1997
  • Hamilton (City)
  • English
  • 358 p., il., color and B&W, ISBN: 0-921560-11-7


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