San Juan: ciudad de castillos y soldados

San Juan: city of castles and soldiers (San Juan: ciudad de castillos y soldados) brings a historical account of the construction of the forts and the walls of the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, as well as a detailed record of names of engineers, craftsmen and men who worked in these fortifications. It includes a description of the daily life of the soldiers and the population of San Juan of XVI to the XIX centuries as well as the history of the attacks of pirates and other invaders from enemy nations of Spain in his attempt to loot and take possession of the city.

  • Book
  • Milagros Flores Román
  • Luis Alberto Lugo Amador
  • José Cruz de Arrigoitia
  • National Park Service
  • 2009
  • San Juan
  • Spanish
  • 258 p.: il. color


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