Olelas e Pragança. Duas fortificações calcolíticas da Estremadura

Two Chalcolithic fortified sites of Estremadura (Portugal) are here analysed: Olelas and Pragança. They were known for several years and were already partialy excavated. The 14C dates now obtained allow us to locate their building in the beginning of the Chalcolithic (between 2500 and 2300 b.C.).

These sites are similar in some aspects. The masonry used, made with large stones, the access pathways to the inside areas and the same type of setting in the landscape point to their integration in this time-span. The finding of idols inside the structures might mean that these cyclopean fortresses had not only a deffensive function but might also had a sacred or cultural function.

  • Article - Magazine
  • João Ludgero Marques Gonçalves
  • Museu Nacional de Arqueologia - Portugal
  • 1992
  • Lisboa
  • Portuguese
  • O Arqueólogo Português, Série IV, 8/10, 1990-1992, p 31-40.
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