A geomemória das construções históricas: exemplos no cone sul latino-americano

“The building materials of historical-archaeological sites constitute geodiversity elements of high cultural value, often reflecting the geological-geomorphologic character of the landscape in which those sites are included. Those building stones present significant potential for divulgating information on geosciences, provided they are adequately interpreted, within a context of integrating such information to educational and/or touristic programs. This paper describes three selected sets of historical-archaeological sites in the Southern Cone of Latin America, built up with diverse, local stone fragments, as well as it proposes strategies for their geoheritage interpretation: (1) the historical neighborhood of Colonia del Sacramento, the first colonial settling of Uruguay built up with blocks of very old, cratonic rocks; (2) the fortresses of Santa Teresa and San Miguel, in Rocha, Uruguay, built up for resisting to enemies attacks, with granitic rocks that resist very well to weathering processes; and (3) the ruins of the Jesuit ‘missions’ or ‘reductions’ in Paraguay, northeastern Argentina and southern Brazil, built up with stones that record a dinosaur-time huge desert, and that constitute the most important aquifer system of the Southern Cone. Moreover, it is proposed here that this field of knowledge, within the scope of geoconservation, be regarded as “the geo-memory of historical buildings”.”

  • Article - Magazine
  • André Weissheimer de Borba
  • Fabiano Vedooto Ferreira
  • Bruna Fuzzer de Andrade
  • Jaciele Carine Sell
  • Instituto de Geociências - UFMG
  • 2015
  • Belo Horizonte
  • Portuguese
  • In: Geonomos - Revista do Centro de Pesquisa Professor Manoel Teixeira da Costa, vol. 23, n. 1, p. 1-9. Ilustrado, colorido. Disponível em: https://bit.ly/3kjNXv9. Acesso em: 14/09/2020.
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