Brazilian fortifications as icons of Heritage, Tourism and Social Development

From the colonial period to the first decade of the twentieth century, hundreds of fortifications were built in Brazil. Much of the understanding of this national heritage is predominantly the result of a historical reading, which allows us nowadays to legitimize the cultural value associated with them. This work assumes the idea that forts and fortresses should give greater emphasis to their socio-cultural expressions, enriching their lives in a fruitful way, the present and the future. For this, forts and fortresses shall, with greater determination, a dynamic exchange of their various cultural expressions, expanding beyond the military - military themes. Should also act as living spaces of exchange, where expressions of the past are in addition to peculiar of our twenty-first century. We believe that this perspective allows us to put in relief the fortifications while connectors spaces, cultural centers facilitators of dialogue between identities, countries and a wide range of people, social groups and institutions. This approach comes at a time when members of ICOFORT in Brazil, in narrow liaison with Brazilian research institutions, begin to articulate a program of multidisciplinary infrastructure projects that give the fortifications of a status icon to territorial actions involving Heritage, Tourism and Social Development. In this context, this article, while outlining this program, proposes a sharing and partnerships between Brazil and Portugal, countries in its history intertwined and connected by their culture in a way not so perceived or recognized nowadays. Moreover, in this aspect, we aim to provide opportunities for dialogue, rescue and building a dialogue interface. With this process, what is sought is the consolidation of the fortifications as conducive to a work focused on the relationship between Brazilians and Portuguese in favor of a common identity, a Portuguese-Brazilian environmental quality. Our understanding is that equity is an important bridge to this redefinition, and that the fortifications are the filter that enables.

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  • José Cláudio dos Santos Júnior
  • Ana Carolina Botelho
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