A Bahia e o Prata no Primeiro Reinado: comércio, recrutamento e Guerra Cisplatina (1822-1831)

“The relations between the Bahia and the Platina region, established since century XVI, had been based in the contraband, to the long of the Iberian colonization in America. In the first decades of century XIX, where occurred the South America independences, the commerce between the Bahia and the Prata region was widened and became allowed, carried through to a large extent for foreigners. In the development of the construction process of the National States, the Cisplatina war - developed between Brazil and the Republic of United Provinces, current Argentina - was configured as a basic landmark for the conformation of the politician space for that region, fractioned due to emerging of Uruguai as an autonomous State, the old territory of Vice-Reinado do Rio da Prata.

The war was unpopular in Brazil and caused the interruption of the commerce between Bahia and the Prata region because of the Brazilian blockade to the port of Buenos Aires and the performance of buenosairean corsairs. The main element that made the waar unpopular was the forced conscription, that caused disturbs for all the Bahia. The Bahians who had been sent to fight in the conflict had suffered with the illnesses, bad feeling, cold, lack of payment of the soldier’s pays and the very hard combats. Many died in the fields of the South, while others deserted, leaving constante emptinesses in the rows of the Bahia bodies that had taken part of the war. To supply the demands generated for the war effort, the Province of Bahia passed for a crisis in the public security, because of the sending of the troops to the war and the popular opposition to the conscription, as well as financial difficulties caused by the obstacles to the commerce and the expenditures with the increasing military necessities.”

  • Dissertation
  • Lucas de Faria Junqueira
  • Programa de Pós-Graduação em História - FFCH/UFBA
  • 2005
  • Salvador
  • Portuguese
  • Programa de Pós-Graduação em História, UFBA. Orientação: Lina Maria Brandão de Aras. Ilustrado, preto e branco, 195 p. Disponível em: https://bit.ly/3kyGyZj. Acesso em: 28/10/2020.
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