Fortalezas catarinenses: estórias contadas pelo povo

The Fortalezas da Ilha de Santa Catarina: 250 anos de Historia Brasileira Project developed by UFSC (1989 - 1991) housed quite a number of subprojects, such as "Resgate Oral" ("Oral Rescue"). The fortresses of Anhatomirim, Ratones and Ponta Grossa inspire many stories and tales told by the people of Florianópolis and the region. The interviews with people from different communities in the Florianópolis region at that time were gathered in the book "Fortalezas catarinenses: a estória contada pelo povo ("Santa Catarina fortresses: stories told by the people")" (1992).


Updated at 20/11/2020 by the tutor Pedro Mülbersted Pereira.

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