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World of fortification Página do Facebook intitulada World of Fortification contendo imagens e textos sobre fortificações.
Wemyss Castle Página sobre o Wemyss Castle, no website do British Listed Buildings, contendo informação relativa ao imóvel.
Ussher Fort (Crevecoeur) Descrição em inglês do Ussher Fort (Crevecoeur), no site Ghana Museums & Monuments Board.
Tung Lung Fort Site sobre o forte de Tung Lung, em Hong Kong, na China
The Siege of Almeida, Portugal: 24 July - 28 August 1810 Página no website "The Napoleon Series" sobre o Cerco de Almeida (24 de julho - 28 de agosto de 1810), por Robert Burnham.
The Siege of Almeida, 15th-28th August 1810 Página no website "Peninsular War" acerca do cerco de Almeida, por Andrew C Jackson.
The Little Fort Descrição em inglês do The Little Fort, no site Ghana Museums & Monuments Board.
The Fortress Study Group The Fortress Study Group is an international society concerned with the study of all aspects of military architecture and fortifications, founded in 1975 at Pembroke College, in Oxford (UK). People interested in this knowledge ahead have an opportunity for meeting and get to know one another and publish their work. In this website, the casual visitor is able to see partially the work undertaken by the Group; it provides a link and a forum for FSG registered members, plus archives of complete editions of their newspaper and their journal.
The Atlantic wall in Denmark Website about the atlantic wall in Denmark; this website describes the Danish part of the atlantic wall with the main emphasis laid on the "Regelbau" bunkers, built between 1942 and 1945 by the German occupation forces mainly to prevent the Allied forces to land troops on the shores and to protect the airfields.
Stirling Castle Página oficial do Castelo de Stirling, na Escócia.
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