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Military Tourism Wikipedia page of the "Tourism Military", created in 2014 by the Ministry of National Defense Portuguese.
Fortress of Louisbourg Website with information about the Fortress of Louisbourg, located in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Fort George National Historic Site of Canada Website with information about Fort George, located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada.
Fort George (Ontario) Official website Website with information about Fort George, Canada.
Castle of San Fernando of Figueras Website on Castle of San Fernando of Figueras, Girona, Spain.
Fortress of Louisbourg Website of Wikipedia with information about the Fortress of Louisbourg, located in Nova Scotia, Canada.
International Web of Fortified Cities Website of the International Network of Fortified Cities that organizes every year, since 2005, the International Seminar of Fortified Cities and the Technical Meeting of Managers of Fortifications. The content of all editions of the Seminar can be accessed at the following address:
Documentation Center of the Army Website of the Documentation Center of the Army, created in 1973, which aims to receive, process, store and conserve the collections of interest to the documentary history of the Military Organization of Heraldry, and the Medal of Military Hymns and Songs; and catalog the federal legislation of interest to the Brazilian Army and documents pertaining to the Art and Science of War, for the evolution of Brazilian military thought and the preservation of military history of Brazil. The site also gives us access to some titles online, photos of exhibitions at the Salão Guararapes, Exposição Permane
Forte de Santo Antônio Website of Atlas of Dutch Brazil, about the Forte de Santo Antônio, also known as Forte do Norte, that was located on the north shore of the Paraíba river, state of Paraíba.
Fort Zachary Website in english which contain a few of history of Fort Zachary.
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