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Denomination: Ilha do Príncipe, Oceano Atlântico, ca. 1727
Description: "A Prospect from Sea of ye Harbour of Princess belonging to ye Portugueze." in SMITH, William. "Thirty different drafts of Guinea". London, 1727?, plate 30. The Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Virginia. A legenda informa: "The harbour is very convenient to carreen ships in, and most ships bound from Africa to America with slaves put in here for wood, water, etc." À esquerda, a meia encosta, o Forte de Santo António.
Date: 1727
Fortification: Fort of Santo António da Ponta da Mina
Credit: The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Americas: A Visual Record at http://hitchcock.itc.virginia.edu/Slavery/details.php?categorynum=4&categoryName=European%20Forts%20and%20Trading%20Posts%20in%20Africa&theRecord=47&recordCount=54 Licença: Domínio Público (Autor falecido há mais de 70 anos)
Published by: Carlos Luís M. C. da Cruz

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