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Denomination: Melbourne Castle
Description: Castelo de Melbourne, Derbyshire. Reprodução de 1733 de uma imagem de c. 1580. In: Melbourne Conservation Area Histories, District of South Derbyshire p. 2. O texto que acompanha a imagem informa: "MELBORN CASTLE in the County of DERBY. / Formerly a Royal Mansion, now in Ruins; where JOHN Duke of BOURBON taken Prisoner by K: Henry V.th / in the Battle of AGINCOURT (An.o 1414.) was kept Nineteen Years in Custody of Nicholas Montgomery / the Younger; he was released by K: Henry VI.th. This Draught is made from a Sruvey now in the Dutchy Office of Lancaster, / taken in the Reign of Q: Elizabeth. Sumptibus. Soc: Ant: Lond: 1733."
Date: 1733
Fortification: Melbourne Castle
Credit: Licença: Domínio Público (Autor falecido há mais de 70 anos).
Published by: Carlos Luís M. C. da Cruz

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