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Denomination: Fortificações de Port Royal
Description: "A Draught of the Harbours of Port Royal and Kingston". Gravura, s.a., s.d.. In: The history of Jamaica. Or, General survey of the antient and modern state of the island: with reflections on its situation settlements, inhabitants, climate, products, commerce, laws, and government ... / illustrated with copper plates ... [Anon]. London : T. Lowndes, 1774. Disponível em http://catalogue.wellcomelibrary.org/record=b1269005 Consultado em 8 dez 2018.
Date: 1774
Fortification: Fortificações de Port Royal
Credit: Licença: Domínio Público (Autor falecido há mais de 70 anos).
Published by: Carlos Luís M. C. da Cruz

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