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· On the page “Search for Bibliographies” (Search Form) you can find all the thematic bibliographies about fortifications registered in the Website.

· Click on the Search button to list all the registered bibliographies in database. It is located below the search form.

· For restrictive searches, you can use the available inquiries search: Title, Type etc. These inquiries can be used individually or being arranged.

· To look for the bibliography Title, type a word or a sequence of words which correspond to the searched Title. Then you click on the Search button. For example: to search for the title “Santa Catarina Island Defenses”, type one of these words: defenses or Island or Santa Catarina. You can also search for sequential words of the title, like: Santa Catarina, Island Defenses or Santa Catarina Island. However, the system will not find the example above if you type the words of the title isolated, side by side, or out of the sequential order, like: Catarina Defenses or Santa Island etc. It is also applied to the inquiries: Publisher, Edition and City.

· To search for a specific bibliography Type, open the correspondent list, select the Type you want, among those showed in alphabetic order, and click on Search button. After this, make sure that what you had selected is permanently fixed: in case the selection window remains activated (become gloomy) an accidental touch on mouse or on computer keyboard could change the type previously selected.

· To look for the bibliography Author, click on the correspondent icon (magnifying glass). It opens a new window (pop up). Select the Author that you are looking for on the list showed in alphabetic order or type a word that belongs to the author name to reduce the list of options showed. After that, click on the Search button. Important: make sure that are defined the option which allows the visualization of pop up windows at the Web Browser configurations. If you need to delete an incorrect defined option, use the eraser icon close by the respective inquiry.

· You can still search for the Publisher, number and edition year, as the City where it was edited, by typing the respective names or dates in the correspondent fields.

· The research can also be done by the bibliography language. In case of bilingual bibliographies, the language from the bibliography edition country is preponderate.

· You can also search for key-words, typing in the corresponding field one or more words, sequential or not, pertaining to the summary of the bibliography. If two or more words will be typed, the result of the research will show bibliographies that contain either one of the typed words and not necessarily those that contains ALL the typed words.

· In the research using the combination of more than one of the available questions of search, the gotten results will be those that attempt jointly to all the predefined questions and never only to one or another one separately.

· In case of doubts on which questions of search you must use, make a ampler research first and, later, return to the form search page and refine the definite questions previously, restricting the gotten results.

· Notice that the inquiries defined in the last search are still there every time you go back to the Search for bibliography (search form). You can change it in order to refine the previous results page or click on Clean button to delete all the inquiries previously defined and do a new search.

· The users who are connected to Website (logged in the restrict edition area), can also do a new search with two other inquiries which are located at the top of the page. In this case, you can still search for “Just in my registers”, that is, only searching for those texts registered by that user or you can search for the inquiry “Waiting for approval”, that is, only searching for those texts registered by that user but still not yet approved by the Website Administrator.