Aspectos do cotidiano dos mercadores na Colônia do Sacramento durante o governo de Antônio Pedro de Vasconcelos (1722-1749)  

This paper aims at reconstituting the daily routine of the merchants in Colônia do Sacramento: the problems they faced with the Spanish officials’ attempts to inhibit illegal trade, the competition against the British smugglers and their role in the defence of the settlement during the siege of 1735-1737.

  • Paulo César Possamai
  • Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC-RS)
  • 2002
  • Porto Alegre
  • Portuguese
  • In: Revista de Estudos Ibero-Americanos, v. 28, nº 2, dezembro de 2002, p. 53-73. ISSN 0101-4064.
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