Tres fortificaciones en Nueva España: estudio arquitectonico-constructivo

The proposed investigarion aims, among other objetives, to divulge the relationship between the fortification principles of the Italian, french and Spanish treatises of the XVI to XVIII cneturies and the defensive constructions of San Carlos de Perote, San Diego de Acapulco and San Juan de Ulúa Veracruz during the viceroyalty in New Spain.
The analysis is made by consulting original documents that include the "Relaciones de Obra" (construction reports) and the charts of these fortifications made by military engineers.
The designs and constructive systems used in these fortifications are studied with a double purpose: to determine their architectonic and historical value, and to facilitate the restoration labours in the cases where necessary.
The thesis has been organized in four parts: first one or preface, the second part is section A the mediums to constrast. The Third (section B) corresponds to the contrasted data. (analysis of the three fortifications, mentioned before) And the Fourth (section C) corresponds to the annexes and bibliography.

  • Thesis
  • Sara Elizabeth Sanz Molina
  • Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña
  • 2002
  • Barcelona
  • Spanish
  • Tesis Doctoral


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