Ulúa, puente intercontinental en el siglo XVII - Volume II

This book seeks to correlate the architectural changes that ran in San Juan de Ulua (Veracruz, Mexico) during the seventeenth century with two themes linked to the area around port: the intercontinental trade and piracy. The book has its content divided into five major sections that examine the function of the port of Veracruz forward to trade with Cadiz and Sevilla, the relationship between the population near the port and Ulua, the defensive works in the fortress, and the ever-present threat of pirate attacks. Then, the work has an intention of showing San Juan de Ulúa as curtain defensive, as point of connection between two continents, and as a factor that influenced the definitive establishment of Villa Rica de Vera Cruz".

  • Book
  • Pablo Montero Soria
  • Instituto Nacional de Antropología e História
  • 1997
  • Mexico City
  • Spanish
  • 169 p.


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