Almeida: as coberturas das "casamatas"

Almeida: the roofs of the "casamatas"

By the Editor: "There is widespread recognition of the importance of the “Casemates of Almeida” within the overall panorama of bulwarked military architecture in Portugal. Nonetheless, whenever an intervention is required in order to minimize the effects of degradation, a series of doubts are always raised in relation to the most appropriate and rigorous technical approach to be adopted towards the monument.

A significant part of the research process is still pending. Studies pursued to date have not already answered several existing doubts, in particular in relation to the S. João de Deus bulwark, which houses an extraordinary set of vaulted rooms, once more subjected to a careful intervention now overseen by the Municipal Council of Almeida.

On this occasion, the technical outlook was complemented by an opportunity to pose historical and constructive arguments, in a public debate organized by the Municipal Council, held on June 14, 2006. The present edition profiles the position of one of the contributors to this debate, thus registering an innovative vision targeted at safeguarding and valorising this unique heritage site – which we need to understand more in order to love it better".

  • Book
  • João dos Santos de Sousa Campos
  • Câmara Municipal de Almeida
  • 2006
  • Almeida
  • Portuguese
  • 131 p., il. color, textos em português, espanhol e inglês.


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