Armada no mar & Bandeiras na terra

"The Aramada at sea & The "Bandeiras" on land" - This brief historical narrative addresses the epic side of the territorial conquests and suttlement of the colonial Brazil, undertaken by navigators in stormy seas and Bandeirantes on lands "never before" explored.

Inspired by the greatest epic poem of the Portuguese language (The Lusiads), the text highlights the admirable architectural and military project, erected along the wide perimeter of the America of Portuguese origin, under the form of stone walls built to last centuries.

The texts are in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Book
  • Elcio Rogério Secomandi
  • Navegar
  • 2013
  • São Paulo
  • Portuguese
  • 160 p.. ; Il. ; color. ; 13 x 20 cm.


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