Almeida - O Castelo de D. Dinis e a fronteira de Portugal

This book treat about the Almeida castle ruins, or Castle of King Dinis, located in Almeida, Portugal, on the border with Spain.
In this work, enriched by architectural designs and plans prepared by the author, evidence the proposal to create a small museum, incorporating a presentation of the castle with a large scale model, and also propose the integration of historic urban area in question. The book, with texts and subtitles in Portuguese and English, is enriched with extensive documentation, extensive chronology commented about Almeida and the border, as well as exhaustive bibliography.

Source: edited from the text of the book's postscript, written by Adriano Vasco Rodrigues.

  • Book
  • João dos Santos de Sousa Campos
  • Câmara Municipal de Almeida
  • 2013
  • Almeida
  • Portuguese
  • 191 p., color, il., Textos e legendas em português e inglês.
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