Lá fortificación del califato almohade

The study is a review of the research of the military architecture of the Almohads in the historiography of Spain and Portugal. We analyze phases of research, starting with the identification of the fortifications, from the Arab and Christian Chronicles. Then, the fortifications are studied from architecture and the castellologia, to finish with the advance that has meant archaeology when it comes to documenting and cataloguing the works of military architecture built by the Almohades in Almohad times.

Studies that have been enriched with the results of the application of the analytical methodology of Archaeology of Architecture. This brief review allows us to establish a necessary historical sequence of the construction of these fortifications Almohad or Almohad times in al-Andalus between the years 1160 to 1229. All this, in the context of a Caliphate in the al-Andalus in retreat.

  • Article- Digital
  • Isabel Cristina Ferreira Fernandes
  • Rafael Azuar
  • Universidade de Jaén
  • 2013
  • Jaén
  • Spanish
  • In: CRESSIER, Patrice e SALVATIERRA,Vicente (Ed.), Las Navas de Tolosa. 1212-2012. Miradas Cruzadas. Universidade de Jaén, Jaén, 2013, p. 395-420.
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