La Guerra del Paraguay

The book “La Guerra del Paraguay” was written by English engineer’s George Thompsons (1839-1876) who worked to Paraguayan government, from 1858 to December 30th, 1868, when he was captured by the allied armies. As lieutenant-colonel of the Paraguayan army, he served the president Solano López as military engineer during Triple Alliance's War or War of Paraguay (1864 -1870). Thompson's book presents a meticulous testimonial description of the events that marked that war, with detailed information about the fortifications built in the Paraguayan territory. The work was written firstly in English, in 1869, being later translated for Spanish.

  • Memories
  • George Thompson
  • Talleres Gráficos de L. J. Rosso y Cia
  • 1910
  • Buenos Aires
  • Spanish
  • Tomo I (211p.)/ Tomo II (171 p.). il., pb., trad.: Diego Lewis y Angel Estrada. 2ª ed. com notas de José Arturo Scotto e apêndice. Arquivo reproduzido da Biblioteca Nacional da Espanha
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