Inovação Institucional e Patrimônio Cultural de Origem Militar no Brasil

This paper investigates the way the Brazilian Army military workforce dealt with an increasing demand for preservation of their historical heritage and the new opportunities open in the contemporary cultural field, in the recent past. It verifies the emergence of a movement in which the legacy of the Brazilian military cultural heritage is affirmed among many different means of expression. The work is based on interviews, bibliography and document research. It describes the historical trajectory of the present DPHCEx - Directory for the Army Historical and Cultural Heritage -, along with the changes in the utilization of historic military fortifications in Rio de Janeiro, attempting to identify the main institutional redesigns that occurred in the field. From the mid-nineties on, the creation of a complementary team of officers and of a temporary technical officer position provided the developing cultural system with a wide variety of information necessary to achieve an efficient and effective mastery in that field. The cultural area of the Army has been restructured, gradually, within a systemic approach. This approach, widely adopted by the organization, has been based on technical knowledge directly linked do the DPHCEx; on multiple inside initiatives, spread throughout the country so far; and on trends that emerged from wider contexts inside and out of the organization. The study outlines characteristics of this process related to the diffusion, integration and consolidation of its Cultural System expanding conversational interfaces, and the transformation of the military career itself, bringing new challenges to the cultural management.

  • Thesis
  • Flávia Ferreira de Mattos
  • 2018
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Portuguese
  • Tese de doutoramento apresentada ao Programa de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia de Produção, orientada pelo Professor Roberto dos Santos Bartholo Junior. 281 p, ilustrado, col.
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