O papel das fortificações no espaço urbano de Salvador

This paper aims to examine the role of the fortifications of Salvador in the production of urban space and its social and spatial relevance in the contemporaneity. The hypothesis is that the fortifications of Salvador are milestones in the production of urban space, impacting on its spatial configuration. These fortifications show shapes whose functions have changed over time and, on the other hand, facilitate the comprehension of the social and spatial processes allowing them to remain as the rugosities. We identified and characterized the process of occupation of the Brazilian space in the sixteenth century; the process of fortification of the city of Salvador through the transformations and permanence between the XVI and XXI centuries; public policies in order to conserve the urban fortifications. For study of the transformations, we used the categories of analysis proposed by Milton Santos - form, process, function and structure. Maps, iconography, material collected in fieldwork, and countless literature were used as the source of this study that was done from the perspective of historical geography. As a result of the factors analyzed, we conclude that the fortifications contributed to the setting of the genesis of the city of Salvador, the various functions performed by them served to strengthen its existence in contemporary society.

  • Dissertation
  • Marcos Antonio dos Santos
  • Curso de Pós-Graduação em Geografia, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Instituto de Geociências
  • 2012
  • Salvador
  • Portuguese
  • 158 p. il., colorido
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