Muralhas da memória: fortificações, patrimônio e turismo cultural

This paper intends to discuss some of the preliminary facets of the use and administration of a specific kind of cultural heritage – the fortifications. It is centred in those that were tombadas, that is, those listed as national historic and artistic heritage in Brazil. We note the challenges of an management focused on the preservation of the symbolic and touristic use of the monuments in face of the risks created by an erroneous economic oriented analysis, that do not see value or uses in the monuments other than those that generates financial profits. In the end of the text, we present a listing of the 54 forts listed as heritage by the federal government, an attempt being made to classify these in regard to their present use, as a way to note deficiencies in the government action that still have to be corrected.

  • Article- Digital
  • Adler Homero Fonseca de Castro
  • Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - IVT/LTDS
  • 2013
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Portuguese
  • In: Caderno Virtual de Turismo. Edição especial: Turismo em fortificações. Rio de Janeiro, v. 1, n. 1, p.08-22, out. 2013, il., colorido. ISSN 1677 6976.
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