Revista História da Arte nº 13: Cidade (in) defesa

The Revista de História da Arte no.13 dedicated to the theme of Defence(less) city, offers in an online version a set of articles that aim to draw attention to the ambiguity, always present in the urban, between the genuine desire for defence and the impossibility of fully achieving it.

Most of the articles examine both the intrinsic complementarity and the latent tension between the city (and the territory) and its fortification, especially during the early modern period, but also leading to an examination of the way in which the contemporary city mutates.

This number counts with important contributions of seven international and four national articles of affiliated authors in Universities and Research Institutes.

  • Magazine
  • Instituto de História da Arte (FCSH / Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
  • 2018
  • Lisboa
  • Portuguese
  • Revista de História da Arte n.º 13 (2018), Coordenação científica de Margarida Tavares da Conceição e Renata Araujo. 304 p., il., color.
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