Proteção e valorização de paisagens associadas às casas-forte medievais

The present study analyzes ways of valuing and safeguarding the landscapes associated with medieval residencial strongholds, as a living legacy in constant evolution, that developed from a set of historical and cultural periods, since the ending of the Middle Ages until the present day, considering that those historical and cultural periods influenced the ways of assessment of the natural and manmade elements of this type of landscapes and the consecutive architectural approaches towards its protection, valorization or requalification. From this process sprung a diverse landscape heritage, with expressions both at a formal and functional level.

The time span allotted to the object of this study, which encompasses several different historical periods and architectural styles, from Romanic to Contemporary, also enables us to take a thorough analysis of the processes of overlapping, substitution and replacement of a set of cultural values directly or indirectly connected to medieval residencial strongholds. These medieval residential strongholds, originally conceived as symbols of manorialist power over people and land, may consitute, nowadays, special places to appreciate the natural and cultural values bore by these locations, comprising a patrimonial wealth which might be further enriched if one chooses to undergo landscape requalification and valorization operations, taking in account that the goal is not so much to crystallize the landscapes as a token of a distant past, but mostly to safeguard the genius loci of those places and reveal the intrinsic cultural, historical and social values that these landscapes embed.

To attain the main goal presented of this study, we endeavored into a revision of the different historic and landscaping frameworks that cover the object of this study (Low Middle Ages, Renaissance, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Modernism and Post-modernism, essentially under an architectonic viewpoint with which these concepts are tangled). We finish this study by presenting the main trends in landscape design towards the valorization and requalification of this type of landscape heritage: the “decorative-hygienist stance”, the “romantic-ruinistic stance”, the “romantic-revivalist stance” and the “existentialist-essentialist stance”, endorsing this last perspective in particular, as a way to ensure that the values inherited from the past may endure in the future.

  • Dissertation
  • Fernando Wolfango Vasconcelos Pereira de Macedo
  • Universidade do Porto. Faculdade de Ciências.
  • 2012
  • Porto
  • Portuguese
  • Dissertação de Mestrado em Arquitetura Paisagista. Orientadora: Dra. Teresa Dulce Portela Marques. 164 p., il., color.
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