O frontispício de Salvador e seu impacto na paisagem urbana da cidade no século XIX

“Many were the elements that contributed to set the urban landscape of Salvador and marked the development of its dramatic scenery until the late nineteenth century. The conjunction of several factors that shaped the image of the city promotes a coherent plastic balance that characterizes the panoramas to be enjoyed from Baía de Todos os Santos. Among the most relevant elements in the constitution of the landscape of Brazil’s first capital are the views of the slope (the city’s frontispiece), taken from the sea or from Cidade Baixa. A visitor entering Baía de Todos os Santos and landing in its core through the harbour was able to enjoy the emergence of a densely populated area through the appearance of the impressive frontispiece, with its peak at Forte de São Marcelo – a few miles after the idyllic experience of glimpsing fortifications that marked the entrance to the bay. In the lower part of the city, the various piers – with particular focus on the regular architecture sets of Cais da Farinha and Cais das Amarras, as well as the set of buildings from Cais Dourado, further ahead – contrasted with the green mass of the core’s slope, which in turn was crowned by a busy horizontal line formed by the irregular outlines of constructions built high up on the cliffs. Amidst this scenario, the Catedral da Sé stands out at the top of the frontispiece with its monumental façade facing the sea, the main protagonist of a scenario which reaffirmed the city’s role as a privileged symbol of the power of faith. Other religious buildings would also appear – at least partially – with its towers facing the bay or the opposite direction, but without threatening the hegemonic presence of the old cathedral seated at the midpoint of the most densely built stretch.”

  • Article - Magazine
  • Rodrigo Espinha Baeta
  • Luiz Antonio Fernandes Cardoso
  • Universidade de Brasília
  • 2014
  • Brasília
  • Portuguese
  • In: Paranoá: cadernos de arquitetura e urbanismo, n. 13, p. 45-53. Ilustrado, preto e branco. Disponível em: https://bit.ly/35Bfu7c. Acesso em: 14/09/2020.
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