8º International Seminar: Fortress and Frontiers

Almeida, Guarda, Portugal, Europe.

Between 08/28/2014 and 08/30/2014

Place: City of Almeida - Portugal

Time: 09:30 am to 8:30 pm


One of our tasks, which we are treading the Center for the Study of Military Architecture de Almeida, is deepening the path to knowledge and explanation of the value of the assets that the fortifications enclose the Municipality. An important journey was done with the help of dozens of experts in an accumulation of information and proposals for reflection. But there are still some areas of obscurity, starting with the fact we even do not know the origin and authorship of the trace of the stronghold. We are nearing a conclusion that shoot for a school and confront the exegesis of knowledge at the intersection with other similar heritages. In addition we have insisted on methodological overview of the research in the framework of justified defensive systems in the corresponding historical time.

The analysis and diagnoses cover a range of reflections, according to the specialties of each investigator, from battles to treaties, through art and technique of building war machines and defense covering a temporal arc of a thousand years. For example, in Almeida, in the center of the latest fortification that starts at the beginning of the 1640s, there was already a castle whose foundation dates back to the thirteenth century - the castle of King Dinis, which proved to be the cornerstone of the Treaty of concluded borders with the Kingdom of León and Castile in 1297.

As a result of this work that encourages, here we are revisiting Friends and the arrival of new participants to a discussion that will be fruitful for all. And that leads us to the recognition of the outstanding universal value of our Fortified Heritage, with all its international monitoring projected across the border to Portugal, in the Atlantic and in setting the boundaries of South America.


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