Las fortificaciones en Brasil

Brazil is a country of continental dimensions, with over 15.000 km of land borders and a coastline of about 9000 km in length. Protect this vast territory, throughout its history, with an efficient string of defensive fortifications, was never an easy task. Even so, there are reports that there were over 550 fortifications in Brazil. Around 132 fortifications are still present in Brazilian territory, being less 50% of these monuments are declared as protected National Heritage.

In this article the author will talk about some of the most important systems of fortifications built in Brazil and discuss the main actions in progress in the area of research, inventory, study, systematize content and dissemination of information about the huge fortified heritage, addressing in particular the International Database About Fortifications:

  • Article - Magazine
  • Roberto Tonera
  • Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia - INAH
  • 2016
  • Mexico City
  • Spanish
  • Dimensión Antropológica. Año 23, vol. 67, mayo-agosto, 2016, Il., Pb., p. 80-102.
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