Website Policy of Use

It is crucial that all users attempt to the Terms and Conditions of Use established so Website can reach its objectives.
Website policy is promoting universal and free access to its database available in Internet, as its interaction tools. However, it reserves the right to keep services and restrict areas to projects and groups of users.

Terms and Conditions of Use: Guarantees, responsibilities and damages

1. Responsibility for content

Author rights violation is the not authorized use of material protect by author rights (text or image) infracting one (or many) exclusive rights of user material, like material right of reproduction or the right to do works based on this material.

1.1. Ao enviar para o Website qualquer conteúdo – registros em textos, imagens, vídeos e outras mídias - cada usuário contribuinte (Tutor ou Colaborador) é responsável pelo mesmo, bem como por sua autoria, sem prejuízo de direitos autorais alheios. Caso o conteúdo enviado tenha a colaboração de mais de um autor, o usuário fica responsável por todas as partes envolvidas.

1.1.1.The tutor is responsible for contents (medias and texts) edition and register which are in Website database.

1.1.2. Contributor user is that one who contributes (with texts and medias) to contents edition, amplification or correction, by Tutor’s responsibility.

1.1.3.Tutor is responsible for his registers (contents) and for contributions sent by other users when they were accepted and published by him.

1.2. Website is not responsible for contents or damages done by contents error.

1.3. There is no way of Website, its coordinators or administrators, being responsible for any damages directly or indirectly, specials, incidentals or of consequence, derived of sent content that is available in this Website, to unrestricted access of its users, due to interpretation, originality, authenticity of files sent and available in this Website.

1.4. Website reserves the right to remove from its database any content which could cause user complaints, questions about veracity and so on. Website reserves the right to suspend, unilaterally, no matter what the complaint is, the public access to contents which disrespect this code, as well as suspending the access as a contributor (tutor) of those users who disrespect these terms of use.

1.5 Website is not responsible for other Websites contents, whose address are available on this Website pages. Website has no guarantees about indemnification of any damages motivated by these websites.

1.6. Sending any content – texts, images, videos and other medias – user authorizes its integration to Website database, such as its utilization and reproduction, for an indeterminate period, gratuitous, in this or other initiatives with no lucrative ends to Website.

2. Content acceptation – Collection Policy

2.1 Website reserves the right to select the sent content that will be published in this Website. Selection will be done in agreement with Website collection policy. That is:

2.1.1. Adaptation to institutional proposes of Website, which are: documentation, study and research, aiming at contributing to divulgation, valorization, diffusion and preservation of world historical fortifications.

2.1.2. Information quality and reliability: it will not be published contents of low technical quality indicators – unintelligibles; that has no citation of bibliographics sources used; or contents whose veracity can not be verified.

2.1.3. Respect to public use terms and conditions of contents that may be available in this Website.

2.1.4. Contents – texts, images, videos and other medias – sent by user to Website inspiring violence, racism, xenophobia, infringement of authorial rights (Brazilian law number 9.610/98), not authenticals and originals, of notoriously false meaning, including deceitful advertisement, calumny, injury and defame, shall be previously censured and it will not be available in this Website for research.

2.2 It will be accepted, to publication and divulgation in this Website, only contents sent by its users, since that these contents are authenticals and originals.

2.3 These Website users authorize the divulgation, reproduction and availability of sent contents, with no restriction, freely manifesting their wish by sending these contents. Inserting and sending any content to this Website means that user absolutely agrees with use terms and conditions mentioned above.

2.4 Contents added by users to Website database do not produce a contract of employment or any remuneration obligation to Website.

2.5. Website reserves the right to retard or disable a publication of any content until verified its adequacy to collection policy, as specification above, or always when it has contestation about its technical quality by users, its veracity and pertinency to Website purposes.

3. Content Utilization

3.1 Informations maintained here in this Website are provided exclusively with the purpose of documentation, study and research, aiming at contributing to divulgation, valorization, diffusion and preservation of world historical fortifications.

3.1.1. Database and interaction tools access of Website is public and free.

3.2. The use, by others, of contents available in this Website will only be permitted to cultural, social, academic, educative and tourist ends not lucrative. In any case, to validate a permition, you must mention Website as research source. It is explicitly prohibited its utilization on products fabrication (books, resumes, other websites, expositions, among others) with no previous authorization. In case of doubts about collection utilization, we suggest a consult to Website, by e-mail:

3.3 Website is not responsible, expressly or implicitly, for improper use of available informations in this Website, of available materials, to any ends, by any user, being of his entirely responsibility eventual lesions to own or to others, caused or not by this improper use.

3.4. The promotion, by others, of access to Website and its pages through frames of other websites will only be permitted with previous information to Website, by unequivocal message with receiving prove, and if it was respected the page integrity that is in Website, with no cuts or occult sections, maintaining necessarily explicit the Website authorial.

3.5 Materials, articles and signed studies, in special, will only be published by previous explicit authorization of Website or author.

4. Adolescents Participation

4.1 In agreement with Law number 8.069/90 (Brazil), about Children and Adolescent Statute: it considers children people under 12 years old, and adolescents people between 12 and 18 years old.

4.2 It is permitted Website consulting by children and adolescents, without any restriction.

4.3 Only adolescents (over 12 years old) and adults can send content.

5. Technological Aspects

5.1 In any hypothesis, Website, its coordinators or administrators will be responsible for any damages directly or indirectly, specials, incidentals or of consequence, losses or expenses derived by the connection with these Website or use of its part or incapacity of use by any part, or in relation to any performance fault, error, omission, interruption, defect or delay on operation or transmission, computer virus or system/line fault, even if Website or its representatives are warned about the possibility of these damages, losses or expenses.

5.2. The adequate providing of all Internet recourses, without exception, is an entirely responsibility of Website user.

5.3 Website reserves the right to improve Website functionalities. The informations, instruments and ways used to interact with Website users are subjected to changes without previous warning or its user’s approval.

5.4 Website is not responsible for eventual imprecisions or omissions, not even for transmission file problems or data that causes interruption, cessation of file transmission, or for other fault not mentioned here.

6. Informations Privacy and Integrity

6.1 It constitutes prohibited conducts to users in general and to nucleus, partners and contributors:

6.1.1 Actions that compromise or destruct integrity of informations based on Website servers, including its not authorized modification;

6.1.2. Actions that compromise users’ privacy of Website;

6.1.3. Trial and not authorized access to Website areas, whose access is restrict, such as authorized access, with fraud or simulation, by others not authorized;

6.1.4 Trial and not authorized use of services reserved to specific categories, such as the authorized use, with fraud or simulation, by others not authorized;

6.1.5 Diffusion, without citing Website as source, of informations maintained in the Website and its services products;

6.1.6 Promotion, by others, of Website access and its pages by frames in other websites, without previous information to Website or without integrity of hosted page by Website.

6.1.7 Not authorized sale, resale, commercialization or cession of informations or services product offer by Website.

6.2 Website user is responsible for maintaining confidentially his access password to edition page in Website. In any hypothesis, Website will be responsible for any loss or damage resulted of user password divulgation.

7. Direitos de Autor e Propriedade Intelectual

7.1 Except as otherwise provided in, all Website content, such as informations, medias, materials, instruments, page organization, graphics and designs, belong to Website or to others that licitly assigned its use right.

7.2 Accessing this Website and its pages, the user automatically will be accepting all Terms and Conditions mentioned here.

7.3 In case of not accepting, we ask users stop navigating or consulting Website collection, if eventually user not agree with all Terms and Conditions above.

7.4 Any other doubts can be sent to Website:

8. Final Considerations

8.1 Website will decide about no accomplishment cases of terms and conditions mentioned here. Members become aware, since now, that the Court elected to solve any controversy derived of the improper use of this Website will be the Central Court of Florianópolis Region, State of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

8.2 Website reserves the right to update or change these terms and conditions of use any time. For this reason, it is user responsibility checking regularly the changes in Terms and Conditions of Use.

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